Assignment: Natl Geo Adventure Portrait

In late October we were given short notice for an upcoming portrait assignment for National Geographic Adventure.  Our job was to photograph Alaskan uber-couple Marc and Gayle Hoffmeister of Eagle River for their upcoming adventures of the year issue.  The Army Lt. Col and his wife organized a climbing expedition to Denali that was composed of wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Overcoming many challenges, some on the team were missing arms and legs, they worked hard to put three from their team on top of one of the world’s harshest mountains.
Hoffmeister’s challenge comes from his left arm.  The Lt. Col. was blown-up in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq, completely destroying his arm.  Over the last couple years, doctors managed to rebuild his shattered limb.  A dramatic scar runs the length under his arm and some muscle is missing as well.  During our day-long shoot, we worked through different set-ups to bring his injury into the photograph.  After high winds chased us from the Chugach Mountains, we moved to the Hoffmeister residence were Marc showed off his Alaskan garage; kayaks, skis, bikes, packrafts.  The couple even let us into their bedroom where they sleep in a giant altitude tent while training for an upcoming climb of Kilimanjaro.

Link to the full story in National Geographic Adventure.