Stock: Delta Sky Magazine

On our return flight from Asia last month, we were psyched to see one of our favorite ice climbing images spread over two pages in Delta’s inflight magazine. The photograph of Agnes rappelling into the gaping maw of Maligne Canyon was made on a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies. Located just outside Jasper, Alberta, the limestone slot canyon is definitely the most unique venue for ice climbing we’ve ever explored. The gorge runs for miles, reaching depths of nearly 200 ft with slots as narrow as six feet. Dozens of frozen waterfalls cascade down from the rim. Our days bashing ice in Maligne were some of the best from the month-long climbing trip.

While the photograph brings back fond memories of a truly unique experience, the business side of the sale is pretty typical of how stock photography works. The image is represented by Alaska Stock Images which is also connected to several national and overseas image houses. Delta Sky licensed the photograph through one of these branch (portal) agencies to open their winter feature. One of the conditions on the license is the work needs to be credited where it appears (two page spread and table of contents in the magazine as well as front page online). An extra fee is added to the publication’s invoice for not following through on that detail.