Travel: Off the Beaten Path in Nepal

In between our Himalaya backpacking projects, we took time to explore a bit of Nepal. We’d heard about a small village perched high on a ridge called Bandipur, in between Kathmandu and Pokhara. A short 10-K ride on the outside of a jeep carried us a thousand meters above the valley to this small Newari village. We were a spectacle for the locals right from the start. Lodging was found at a local guest house (which had the largest spiders we’ve ever seen indoors).

Bandipur was a living museum with winding streets and the community seeming to live a thousand years in the past. Trails extended into the steep country side, most ending at a temple or holy site. We even ended up getting a personal tour of one families livestock, where Agnes was shown the proper way to hold a baby goat (demonstrated below). As the sun set, the massive Himalaya appeared from the clouds far across the valley. Then darkness. The only lights in town were our headlamps and dozens of candles faintly illuminating each home.