Adventure: Three weeks with Mt Everest

Our first views of Mt Everest were just minutes after take off from Kathmandu. The twin-engine Dornier Yak crawled up into the Himalaya enroute to Lukla and we spotted the distinct black pyramid of the Big E over our pilot’s shoulder. Since we have both been steeped in the legendary mountaineering stories, actually seeing the worlds highest peak was pretty damn cool.

Over the next three weeks, we embarked on a mega-traverse of the Khumbu region, right across the foot of the Everest Massif. Himalayan giants dominated the skyline the entire time and around every bend, on the crest of each la, every time you turned your head Mt Everest was there. Hardly a day passed that we didn’t work the big mountain into at least one photograph. We were there to do photography work for a few of our outdoor equipment clients and Everest was too good of a background to resist. Five of our favorite compositions culled from thousands. There are a few more posted on our Facebook page for you Himalayan diehards.

We’d be curious to know your favorites. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.