Leftover Salmon

Where we live in Southcentral Alaska, everyone’s freezer is perpetually chock full of wild Pacific salmon (rough, I know). It can’t be helped. Even if you’re not out there harvesting Copper River Reds, a dozen of your friends will be. Sockeye fillets get passed around like Secret Santa gifts all summer, stacking up in the bottom of your meat cooler. The challenge of every Alaskan is to finish off last year’s stash of fish before it becomes buried under the current season’s catch. Those well aged vaccum packs that slide around like hockey pucks in the depths of your freezer are considered leftover salmon.

There is a folder where we drop some of our favorite images from our assignment work with the intent of posting them here on the photo blog. Most make it to the page with a brief bit about the shoot, location or subject. But with summer now well behind us (have you seen the snow reports out there?), it was time to clean out the freezer. A handful of various selects shot for various clients this summer at various locations.

Matt & Agnes

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