Headlamp Trail Running for Black Diamond

Dusk is probably our favorite time to shoot. That hour after sunset is full of possibilities, creatively and technically. Soft shadows, rich colors, the opportunity for drama and tension never fail to inspire. One of our projects while on the road last fall was to photograph a new line of headlamps for client Black Diamond. We showcased each light in backpacking, camping and trail running situations. A favorite is this evening session we did just outside of Phoenix. We scouted several locations along this trail that would provide the ‘city lights in the distance’ background. The plan was to shoot at dusk, bringing together the headlamp and lights of Phoenix with the ambient using as little supplemental lighting as possible. Nikon’s line of fast f1.4 G type glass was perfect for this shoot, allowing us a high enough shutter speed to stop the action and giving us a good bokeh of the background. Five minutes after we made this photograph, it was completely dark. As usual we were still quite a distance from the car. At least we couldn’t forget to pack a torch on this one.


Matt & Agnes

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