Greenland Champion for Canoe & Kayak

Earlier this winter we photographed Greenlandic kayak champion Maligiaq Padilla for Canoe & Kayak Magazine.  Padilla had recently moved to Kotzebue Alaska with his wife and was doing a stint in Anchorage.  We’re stoked to have him; Padilla’s skill on the ocean in a kayak is legendary.  He’s an eight-time champion of the Greenland National Kayaking Championships, a grueling contest of skill, strength and survival.  It’s not the kind of contest you can just ‘tap out’ on.

Putting together a portrait shoot for a paddle sport publication in AK in February is a bit tricky.  There are options for indoor locations, but we like to keep those in the last resort category.  The brief called for open ocean and an arctic setting.  We scouted a spot that overlooked Cook Inlet while allowing for a far away horizon in the distance.  When you can get it, February light in Southcentral Alaska is amazing. The fall of the sun is slow and gorgeous.  The selected images where made at about 4:30pm with a simple set-up of portable lights and modifiers.  You can check out the interview and full page portrait of Padilla in the magazine’s current issue.


Matt & Agnes

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