Talkeetna Mountain Snowbirds

Earlier this spring we headed out into the Talkeetna Mountains to do some magazine work with local telemark skier Corky Still. The granite spires had recently gotten a fresh coat and the snowpack proved super stable. Our crew skied into the AAC’s Snowbird Hut to find it already at double capacity. Whoa! Folks happily made room for our party, especially when they witnessed the six liters of wine, three of whiskey and bottle of Baileys we had in tow. Ben and Amanda claimed the empty space under the table while we volunteered for outside on the porch. After an all too brief amount of sleep, our crew was ready to get after it. Huge couloirs reared up in all directions, completely trackless. Corky lined out the plan for the day: start with that one, then over to that one, oh yeah and that one, and we’ll wrap up with that one. The guy’s kinda motivated. We took the lead breaking trail until realizing that was just slowing him down. We shot four days until the weather really began to turn (and the whiskey ran out). The Talkeetnas have become one of our favorite ranges; the snow, ice and rugged granite combo is amazing. We’re actually packing up right now for another ski shoot in these Alaska mountains. More on that tk.


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