Red Rocks Mt Wilson for Black Diamond

Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas has become one of our favorite locations and we were fortunate to do a couple nice long stints there last year. The East Face of Mt Wilson is one of those enormous sandstone cliffs that dominates the ‘Welcome to Red Rocks’ skyline. The face holds numerous quality climbing routes, but we wanted to explore the so called hikers route to the 7,070-foot summit. Calling this mega third class scramble a hike is a bit of an understatement. After the second mile into First Creek, trail disappears and is only marked sporadically by small rock cairns. Then there is the 1,500-foot ascent that includes several very committing ‘no fall’ sections. We hoped the route would prove the perfect venue to shoot Black Diamond’s new line of technical day packs. Upon reaching the airy and exposed summit pinnacle, we can happily report that Mt Wilson didn’t disappoint. If you’d like to check out the scramble up Mt Wilson on your next trip to Las Vegas, our GPS track can be downloaded from the Trimble site. Get an early start, carry lots of water and watch the next step. It’s a doozy.


Matt & Agnes Hage|HagePhoto