Stock Photography in Backpacker

One of our favorite images from Kesugi Ridge leads the destination section in the June issue of Backpacker Magazine. Just a short bit about how work like this goes from creation to getting in a magazine department. This photograph was made as part of three days of shooting for Cascade Designs brands (MSR, Therm-a-Rest and Platypus Hydration) in Denali State Park. The work from that trek was delivered and since this the images from this particular set-up were not selected by the client, they become outtakes. Usually this is not a dis on the photograph itself, but just that it doesn’t fit into the client’s plans for the work. Out takes are archived for stock purposes. So when the photo editor at Backpacker contacts us looking for photography from this hike, we can put together a submission for her. That’s it in a nut shell.