Alaska Sesquicentennial Project

We’re happy to announce our next Alaska book project; a documentary that will look at the last fifty years in dozens of communities around the state.  Considering the size of AK, it goes without saying that this is a HUGE undertaking.  Editor Tricia Brown has put together an all-start cast of Alaska writers and photographers, each team assigned to report on a different region of Alaska.  Looking over the roster is pretty humbling; we’re definitely the ‘yearlings’ on this team.  I worked with Tricia and George Bryson on my first book project published by Graphic Arts Center.  Columnist Dermot Cole was at the Fairbanks Daily-News Miner when I joined that staff fresh out of college.  And I’ve been looking at Alaska photography by Clark, Jim and Jeff since I picked up a camera.  Work on the project will start later this summer with a deadline late 2013.  The final product will be a ‘coffee table’ book and accompanying web site published by ECI/Hyer, an Anchorage based firm dedicated to quality design.  It’s exciting to be a part of this collaboration!

Matt & Agnes Hage

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