Maps, Pictures and Memories


Does anyone else do this? We have a huge four-drawer file cabinet in a back room that is chock full of maps, clippings and misc travel documents. Most of these files are hair brained ideas just waiting to happen. This is where we curate ideas for future projects. From ripped out magazine articles to tourist maps to that bar napkin outlining a trek across Tasmania (yeah, it’s in here). Right now the Japan folders are getting the attention they deserve.

There are files from places we’ve been and things we’ve done. Usually the best travel info is found while you have you’re feet on ground in the destination. All this goes in here making our next trip to Patagonia that much easier to plan. It’s also fun to pull out some tattered map and remember a crazy adventure on the other side of the world. A handful of the most memorable are posted here.


Matt & Agnes Hage

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