Welcome to our Yardsale

So this is how 99 percent of all our assignments start: the yard sale.  We’ve traveled across an ocean with several duffle bags in tow.  Various means of transportation have been employed and now we’re at a trailhead of some sort.  In this case we’re lakeside in the delightful South Island town of Wanaka in New Zealand gearing up for a backpacking shoot on the Kepler Track.  Thanks to the magic of time lapse photography, you can now see how we turn a heap of outdoor gear into two fairly organized packs.  And please take note that everything is piled on a tarp to make sure those tiny, and usually crucial pieces of gear don’t get left behind in the grass (such as a brand new wrist-mounted GPS with all the waypoints loaded for a particular wilderness off-trail adventure).

PS We’re on the road in the American Southwest and really missing Lucky!


Matt & Agnes | HagePhoto