Return to Aconcagua

Our travel schedule has been unusually hectic this winter. We just returned from nearly a month in Japan and had less than a week at home to regroup for a three-week assignment in the Andes. We’re off to join up with an amazing group of people in Mendoza for a shoot on Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of the Himalaya at just under 7,000 meters. The opportunity to return to this enormous complex volcanic landscape is exciting. We shot a project on the mountain in early 2010 for our client MontBell. It was just the two of us, doing our thing on the classic traverse route; up the Vacas and out the Horcones after a wonderful day on the summit. We’ll be doing a similar traverse route, but this time as part of a much larger team. Updates will posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts when we get the chance.


Matt & Agnes