Single Track on New Zealand’s South Island

The skis are finally going away and we’re tuning up the mountain bikes this week. It’s not quite ‘go time’ here in Southcentral Alaska, but was reminded of a stint of riding we did down under. We took a solid week to sample the single track goods around Queenstown and Wanaka while shooting some work around New Zealand. The trails around there were full-featured cross-country tours of steep mountains, knee-deep river crossings and gorgeous alpine lakes. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget the obligatory sheep pasture. Racers Edge in Wanaka hooked us up with top of the line rentals and pointed us in the right direction with trail info. We’re still blown away by how many point-to-point rides end at pubs that give you (and bikes) a free lift into town after you’ve had a few pints. Brilliant!


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