Birthday Special: Agnes with Cute Critters

Agnes is a lover of animals. Mostly the furry four-legged kind, but there is a picture of her kissing an enormous slug in our files. If they are deemed ‘cute’, she has to hold them or scratch their ears. The yak along our treks in the Himalaya didn’t respond so well to this. And she really tried to get a lamb for our van while on tour in New Zealand. Good thing those guys can move. But most of the time she can get her hands on whatever it is that’s caught her eye; baby goats in Nepal, lamas at a state fair, sled dogs at the Iditarod. There is no stopping her, even when it’s not in her best interest. Like handling every baby farm animal in a third world country or loving on an arm-load of kittens, which she’s allergic to. Ask her though and she’ll tell you that it’s all worth it because it makes her happy. And if you’ve ever seen how her face lights up when the fuzzy wobbly baby moose show up in our yard in early summer, you’d be hard pressed to argue.

Happy Birthday!