Weekend at Spencer Glacier for Alaska Railroad

Last Summer we were hired by the Alaska Railroad Corporation to produce a two-day travel shoot to highlight their whistle stop service in the Chugach National Forest. The brief was to feature a local Alaskan family out for a weekend getaway at the popular Spencer Glacier, camping out, going for a day hike and biking the trail network. We knew the perfect family to cast for this project and we’re happy to find that they were not only available, but that a trip out Spencer Glacier was something that they had been wanting to do for awhile. It’s usually true that if the people we’re working with are excited to be there, that energy shows in the final product. Train camping allowed us to pack in way too much good food and we used bike trailers to haul all the gear a few miles out to our location. The amazing access to the glacier and it’s ice-choked lake are what’s really special about a trip to Spencer; that’s what most of the¬†photography focused on. A half-day on the ARRC Chugach Explorer to a turnaround called Grand View wrapped up the shoot. The Railroad is currently using the work in it’s brochures, advertisements and web site.

If you ever get a chance to take the train out to Spencer Glacier, do it.


Matt & Agnes Hage | HagePhoto



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