Trail Running Shoot with the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW

Over the past year Lowepro has been sending us photo packs to try out from their outdoor and active lineup.  And the Photo Sport 200 AW has been seeing a lot of miles on trail running and mountain bike projects.  We wrapped up last year with an assignment for Trail Runner in Joshua Tree National Park.  Over four days, we shot eight different trail runs from five to 20 miles in length.  Lowepro’s Photo Sport was a good fit for this kind of work.  The 200 was solid for running, even while carrying a robust kit; camera, three lenses, flash, small stand, radio slaves.  Plus there was still room for extra clothes including a light down jacket.  The desert is surprisingly cold in the mornings!  One of the key features that made us choose this pack over one of the Flipsides for this job is hydration capacity.  The Photo Sport 200 AW fits a full two liter water pouch behind the back panel while the Flipsides we have fit a liter max.  A liter’s fine for a regular trail run on your home turf, but a half-gallon’s better if you’re heading out into desert on a four-hour jaunt.  Especially when you end up getting lost out in the Wonderland of Rocks for an entire day…


Matt & Agnes Hage | HagePhoto

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