Ziplines and Backflips at Utah Olympic Park

Earlier this summer we were down in Park City to shoot a job for the Utah Olympic Park. Other than offering up a world-class training venue for olympic athletes, the park also offers activities open to the public. They had recently completed a couple new challenge courses complete with high ropes courses, zip lines and an intimidating 65-foot drop tower. In addition to this, visitors can fly down a huge zip line that spans most of the park, ride a luge course and hit 70 mph in a bobsled. The brief was to showcase a family enjoying themselves while participating in all of these activities at the park. It was a jam-packed couple days working high off the ground in hundred-degree heat (cry me a river, right?). But a nice perq of a Utah summer is that the light is crisp and predictable. We wrapped the shoot with the family getting coached to perform aerials off the ski jumps into the park’s signature outdoor pool. Visitors can hire an Olympic freestyle coach that will take them from basic maneuvers on a trampoline to launching backflips. This was the highlight for everyone, especially the kids who came back the next day for a full eight-hour training session to perfect their skills. Now that’s what we call day care.

Matt & Agnes | HagePhoto


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