HageLife is How We Roll


Along with our new look, we’ve given our photo blog a makeover as well. HageLife will feature posts about our travels, adventures and what goes into producing our work. Photo sets from our assignment work have been moved over to our portfolio site. To kick off the redesign, we’ve pulled a few pictures from our Instagram account that best embody five aspects of  Hāg-Līf. First up is to surround yourself with a hard-working, fun-loving crew (above).


Next is to never pass up an opportunity to sample the local brew, wherever in the world you are.


Visit every far away exotic location you can think of at least once. Hopefully twice.


Haul a ridiculous amount of gear to the other side of the planet on a regular basis. Push the carry-on limits.


Spend every day with your best friend and tackle every challenge as a team.

Live an adventuresome life!

Matt & Agnes