Enlisting a Retoucher’s Special Touch

Nepal Hike

During the process of updating our portfolio this fall, we enlisted the expertise of a digital retoucher based Boulder, CO. Elizabeth Riley (aka RetouchRiley) recently moved out west from NYC to be close to Rocky Mountains. She does post processing for top-shelf clients world wide (Oakley, Revo, Modern Luxury Magazine) and we were stoked to get an invite to work with her. Riley looked over every image that we used in our new portfolio site, book and promotional pieces. First off she advised that we didn’t need any heavy post processing that would alter our current style, just a trained eye for high-end finishing. She removed thousands of  unwanted ‘catch lights’, smoothed out tonal areas and did some advanced color corrections. It was interesting to see what aspects of an image she worked on and the difference that work made.

We also sent her a handful of our favorite images that needed a bit more than finishing work. These were pictures that we’ve always felt were close to perfect, except for that one thing. In the past, we had pushed our own Photoshop skills to get each of these as good as we could, but always left tell-tale signs of our ‘messing with it’. A half-assed job won’t cut it when you’re putting together a body of work for the specific purpose of close scrutiny. The following are a few favorite examples of what Elizabeth did with the raw images we sent her. To begin with, this is one of our strongest images of Mt Everest (below), but have long wished the green flag didn’t crowd the summit. We were delighted to see how she was able to add just a bit of space right where we wanted it (top). Check out the other ‘before and after’ examples that follow and see if you can pick out her adjustments. And be sure to drop her a line if you need some work done.

Matt & Agnes | HagePhoto

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