Singletrack Paydirt in Canada’s Yukon Territory


This fall we got the opportunity (finally!) to check out the much celebrated mountain biking trails around Whitehorse and Carcross in Canada’s Yukon Territory. We were there to shoot some new work for Platypus Hydration, a Seattle-based client that will be launching a new line of hydration packs made specifically for mountain bikers. During our week-long stint, we connected with some talented local riders for the photography and and sampled about a dozen superb singletrack routes. Everything we’d heard proved to be true; Yukon biking is quality, varied and plentiful. If you’re anywhere within striking distance of Whitehorse (Anchorage is a 14 hr drive), do yourself a favor and make the trip next summer or fall. Check out Boréale Mountain Biking and Yukon Travel for info.

Huge thanks to Midnight Sun Coffee Roaster and Caribou Crossing Coffee for keeping us going. The crew at Icycle Sport for pointing us in the right direction. And all the locals that rode with us, invited us into their homes and gave us a lift to the top of the mountain.


Matt & Agnes | HagePhoto


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