Story Behind the Shot: Flight Time in Fruita


We recently had to wait out some inclement weather before starting our four-day mountain bike ride of the famed Kokopelli’s Trail between Grand Junction, CO and Moab, UT. This actually turned into a great opportunity to check out local trail networks new to us and return to some of our favorite. Take a day to ride in Fruita reminded us of a picture we made last fall while shooting with pro rider Christine Dern. We were on a week of producing new work for Platypus Hydration in Fruita and Moab. At the end of a session of shooting singletrack, we found a good dirt jump that lined up nice for sunset. While Christine and Agnes took turns catching air off this sweet little kicker, a band of a dozen dudes rolled through heckling us as we worked our setup. It was in good fun and to be expected: you’re going to catch some flak when hanging out with a couple ripping girls on sweet bikes and a big camera setup. “Hey man, did you bring your pro photog today?” commented one of the ‘bro-bra’ onlookers. You could tell this got the competitive fire burring in the ladies as they hiked their bikes to the top. Right as the sun kissed the horizon, they both launched into the run, with Christine pulling her biggest air of the afternoon. The shot lined up the setting sun star perfectly with her bike in mid-flight, which was almost as satisfying as the collective ‘whooooaaa’ from the peanut gallery.


Matt & Agnes | HagePhoto

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