Alaska Shoot with Lululemon Ambassador Tonia Burrow

YOGA20140421-331-WM Earlier this spring we got the opportunity to shoot with our hometown Lululemon ambassador Tonia Burrow. The session began with a yoga series at her home in Girdwood to capture Tonia’s eclectic character and style. But we also needed to produce work that put her in Alaska. For that we took advantage of a spectacular day on Turnagain Arm, just minutes out her front door. After wrapping up the ‘serious’ work and a quick beach party (such a nice afternoon!), Tonia and her husband Justin treated us to a fantastic wine dinner at their restaurant, the Double Musky Inn. It was well after Midnight when we all finally decided one last bottle of Bordeaux and we’ll call it a night. Matt & Agnes Lululemon ambassador Tonia Burrow at her home in Girdwood, Alaska April 2014 YOGA20140421-411-WM

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