Gear We Use: Platypus Hydration GravityWorks


The Platypus GravityWorks filter has been on every trek since we first got hooked up with the system on a shoot with Cascade Designs in 2011. It may not be the smallest or lightest water filter on the market (11.5 oz for the 4 Liter), but the ease of use, filtering time, and efficiency of the system more than makes up for it’s size. We fill the dirty bag, connect the gravity filter, and voilá! From assignments in the Arizona desert, to the lush forest of New Zealand, to the mountains of Argentina. There is no question – it goes in the pack every time.

The four-liter system allows us to have water on demand for dinner, breakfast, and sometimes enough left to top off our hydration bladders for the day.  An additional ‘clean bag’ doubles the on demand capacity when out on photo shoots or on a trip with a group of friends. A full range of accessories allow us to fill directly to friends water bottles or bladders. There is never that awkward silence of who’s going to go filter water. Now the GravityWorks does the work while we setup camp, enjoy the sunset, or make a couple photos.

Cheers | Matt & Agnes Hage





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