Story Behind the Shot: Backcountry Hot Springs


When we were getting started, one of the first magazine projects we worked on outside of Alaska was a travel assignment documenting a tour of backwoods hot springs in British Columbia. It was late fall and it rained hard the entire week we were in the region. Other than the constant battle with water and condensation in our equipment, the wet weather brought a richness to the pictures produced on that trip. That shoot remains one of our most memorable to this day and we recently had a chance to revisit the take to fulfill a stock request. The above image of Agnes at Halfway River Hot Springs in the Selkirk Mountains got some play in the inflight mag for Philippine Airlines this summer. We get dozens of these seemingly random editorial requests every week and often don’t get to many of them. But sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to revisit and reminisce with an old project.

Hages –

Phillippines Airlines

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