Gear We Use: The Mini Nalgene Bottle


Q:  What’s 6.5-inches tall, 2.5-inches in diameter, comes in an assortment of colors, and will keep you warm and hydrated?

A:  The 16-ounce Wide-Mouth Nalgene bottle of course.

The crisp, cold nights of autumn are back and so is our love for these small bottles.  We often use these ‘Mini Nalgenes’ instead of your standard thermo mug in the backcountry. It’s nice that there are no pesky handles deal with when packing, but they really shine as a heater. When the evening temperature drops at camp, just throw your hot drink in your jacket pocket to keep you warm as you prepare dinner. You can also fill it with hot water for those really cold nights in the sleeping bag. And there is no better way to get moving in the morning then with a bottle of hot coffee to keep your hands warm as you pack up camp.  The wide mouth opening makes them perfect for drink mix too! Our favorite is hot cider with a splash of bourbon to warm you from the inside while stargazing on frosty nights.

Happy Camping | Matt & Agnes Hage





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