Turtlehead Peak for Backpacker


The best photo requests are those that force you to explore something new or out of your ordinary routine. While shooting a day hike for Backpacker Magazine wouldn’t qualify as out of the ordinary for us, hiking the tourist trail to the top of the most popular peak outside Las Vegas definitely did. We were enjoying a week of climbing in Red Rock Canyon NCA when we got a message if we could do a last minute shoot for an issue about to go to press. After a dozen trips to Red Rocks, we’d never been up Turtlehead Peak. We gladly took the opportunity and scheduled the hike to catch sunset while on top. The path was surprisingly steep gaining 2,000 feet in just over two miles. We mixed in with the steady stream of other travelers making the slow grind to the summit. Most were in foot ware more suited to walking The Strip than negotiating the sandstone gravels of this path. Much to our surprise, the top of Turtlehead Peak offered up one of the most spectacular views of The Escarpment we’d seen.


Matt & Agnes Hage


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