Introducing Meredith Bless and Taiga Creative

Taiga Creative Screenshot

We would like to present a new addition to our team, Meredith Bless. A Vermont native, now living in southeast Alaska, she is currently representing our work across the globe. Get to know our girl here. She’s talented, motivated, and can rip it up in a pink onesie ; ) We are stoked to have someone to help get our new work in front of the right folks!


So let me introduce myself, I’m a global nomad and lover of wild lands. I’ve circumnavigated the globe twice now chasing light, rocks, waves, vistas, and seeking knowledge from the humans who experience life through a different lens. I home base in Juneau, AK where the mountains, rivers, and ocean provide endless inspiration regardless of the season.

I’m guided by intuition and the wisdom of past lives. There’s a good chance I was once an ocean wave, a turtle, a breath of wind cascading through the Himalayas, a maple tree, an artist, a raven, and a dreamer, but that’s all speculation.

Last year I compiled my skills of creative, sales, marketing, and the ability to be an endless ball of energy and started Taiga Creative. I represent and market the talents of photographers such as HagePhoto. I’m beyond thrilled to work with these guys this year! Onward and upward – Meredith Bless


Moshi, Tanzania

(Top photo: A screen shot of my homepage, 2nd photo: A few images from Instagram, hiking along the Chilkoot Trail in southeast Alaska and skiing in a pink onsie at Stevens Pass in WA. 3rd photo: A view from the plane of the Chilkat Mountains in southeast Alaska and the region of the world I now call home. Above photo: The days of film from my first trip in 2003 in a small village at the base of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. This young girl stood in the doorway of the school house, patiently waiting for us to come out and play. Below photo: One of my favorite places, a secret spot in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.)


You can keep tabs on Taiga Creative on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.