Gear We Use: Montbell Hugger Sleeping Bags


Part two of our feather series.  And perfect timing since we just wrapped up in Osaka, Japan last week visiting with the Montbell crew. It is always fun to see the inner workings of a brand with so much going on from catalog layout, to poster printing, to R&D meetings.  Plus, we got a sneak peak at their latest sleeping bag ad for Backpacker’s Gear Guide.

Spoiler Alert: It includes one of the pictures in this post :)

Without further ado our love for these stretchy puffy bags that we have snuggled in on some of the world’s biggest mountains, bivyed under the dancing aurora, and found comfort when sleeping in ramshackle lodging around the world.

This is not your parents’ sleeping bag!  MontBell Down Hugger takes the mummy bag to the next level.  Made with stretchy ripstop nylon and elasticize thread this bag moves with you as sleep.  Now you can sleep in your favorite position, for me the classic figure-4 position.  Stretching up to 20%, the bags stay close to the body while you move and eliminates drafty dead space.  The newest models are made with premium 900-goose down keeping the weight ultra light and ultra warm.  There is a bag for every season and comes in regular, long, and excited to report a women’s model is coming out this year.  With the MontBell Down Hugger it will be like sleeping in your bed in the backcountry.

Goodnight and Sleep Tight | The Hages

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