HageLife Video for Black Diamond

We got to participate in something new last fall. While producing our photo work for Black Diamond in the rugged Sawtooth Range of Idaho, we were also being filmed for a short video to air on BD’s site. Most of the video was shot by our friend Kris Swanson on a couple different sessions with us in the mountains. Being in front of the camera took some getting used to, especially one that is constantly rolling and recording everything you say. And not to mention Kris is known for his aerial drone work. We’d be perched high on an alpine ridge, shooting a couple climbers making their way to the top, when the buzz of his Phantom Two would close in behind me. We pushed those machines to their limits of both altitude and weather.

Swanson also edited together the short video, which is a tremendous amount of work. We think he did a great job. Thanks buddy!

Cheers | Matt & Agnes Hage