Introducing Winter Intern Kyle Miller


Like many others captivated by the unblemished beauty of the outdoors, the great wilderness is always on my mind. Having grown up in Palmer, Alaska and skiing most of my life I have seen the effects of climate change. You could count with your fingers how many days it snowed in Anchorage last year. Thus, when companies such as Patagonia and Black Diamond develop products that enhance climate dependent activities, the incentive is there for a difference to be made. I want to be on the corporate end of that movement.

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The motivation to get out and explore is often derived from an expertly crafted image, much like an alpinist who is consumed by the image of a perfect route. Matt and Agnes Hage have a way of capturing and sharing this awe inspiring magic through the lens of a camera. I have been following the careers of these two very unique people for several months now and it has helped me find focus in a life full of options.

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Before finally committing to pursuing a degree in Business Marketing, my professional path was often unknown. The Outdoor Recreational Program at the University of Alaska Anchorage was very instrumental in shaping my love for adventure. By providing guided trips that someone on a ramen noodle budget could afford, students were able to see Alaska in a way that would change them forever. It became my goal to end up working in the outdoor industry surrounded by people who share my passion for gear, sustainability, exploring the natural environment and traveling the world.


Although the Hages’ vocation seems effortless that is by no means the case. A tremendous amount of effort and focus goes into a successful adventure but every once in a while can put your camera down, stop climbing and just reflect on where you are and what you’re doing. Moments like this keep adventure-enthusiasts coming back and the Hages have made a living off it.

So while I was initially drawn in by photography, my sights are set on the business aspect of HagePhoto. I have not officially started work with the Hages (unless you consider alpenglow lit powder turns in Turnagain Pass and cold beers at the Brown Bear “work”), the projects and possibilities are right on the horizon and I couldn’t be more excited.

-Kyle Miller