Idaho Running Shoot for Smartwool


Based in Alaska, we’re no strangers to the cold. We’ve done shoots in the middle of winter on the Arctic Ocean and a few ascents of Denali. But the bitter cold of autumn in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains was down right jarring. Numb hands fumbled with headlamps in the predawn blue at the trailhead. Maybe it’s because we weren’t really dressed for it. One thing about being suited up for a running shoot is that it can be chilly when your not running. Needless to say we were eager to get moving.

We were back in Stanley to produce some running work for client Smartwool. The brief called for a mix of scenarios on trails and dirt roads. Having just spent the summer crawling all over the Sawtooths, we recalled the hundreds of miles of country roads leading back to trailheads. Perfect. With the road work in the can (and heater cranked to the max) we drove over to the neighboring White Cloud Mountains for an afternoon trail run… at 9,000 ft.

Some days in this job are just full of extremes.

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