A Week on California’s Big Sur Coast


We recently found ourselves in California with a week to kill. With our last meeting in LA and our next photo shoot in Northern CA, we decided to take the slow road along the coast. Not that you can really go fast once you commit to Hwy 1. We pulled into Plaskett Creek Campground, found a home for our Airstream trailer and hit Sand Dollar Beach for sunset. Waves crashed at our feet, filling the air with sea salt. Craggy rocks stuck out on the horizon like teeth. Redwoods towered in a mountainside grove behind us. For being in the middle of California, this place was pretty wild. Over the next few days we explored the local trails (and learned how to identify poison oak!). Several tracks took us from trailheads on the coast, up through stands of redwoods to clearings a couple thousand feet above the Pacific swells. Whales blew plumes on their way up the coast while otters bobbed unconcerned in the smashing surf. A spectacular intersection of land and sea, Big Sur did not disappoint.

Huge thanks to Eddie Bauer for having us as part of their #LiveYourAdventure campaign and giving us the perfect excuse to explore someplace new. Cheers!