GoalZero Keeping us Solar Powered


For the past few years, we’ve enjoyed the support of Utah-based GoalZero to keep our gear powered in the field. What began as a way to bring power to impoverished areas of the Congo, GoalZero is now the leader in portable solar panels and batteries. It’s fortunate that we all get to benefit from this technology for much less dire pursuits; kayaking, skiing, backpacking. Over the years, the need for power in the backcountry continues to grow as we use more and more electronics further from the grid. Cameras and GPS unites have long needed batteries, but now we rely on our mobile devices for apps that help us do our job better. We’ll have a handful of devices that will need to be charged at some point on any given assignment. What solar gear we pack will depend on what the power needs of the group are. But here’s a few of our ‘go to’ pieces. Check them out if your looking to put together a kit.

  • Sherpa 100 Power Pack for camera and computer batteries
  • Venture 30 Recharger for GoPro cameras or GPS
  • Flip 10 Recharger for mobile devices
  • Nomad 20 Solar Panel to recharge everything