Kayaking Across Prince William Sound for Therm-a-Rest


The hundred-mile crossing of Prince William Sound from the harbor town of Whittier to Valdez is a classic Alaska adventure. Last summer we took the opportunity to use this 10-day kayaking trip to shoot a wide variety of commercial work for outdoor brand Therm-a-Rest. The line up of gear to shoot included camp chairs, hammocks, sleeping mattress and sleeping bags. Most of the work showcasing their latest product would happen at camp. The kayaking adventure provided a narrative thread that helped put use of the gear in context. This is something more and more of our clients are requesting: a story telling project rather than commercial photo shoot. Prince William Sound delivered on everything except the weather.

Usually you can expect quite a bit of cloudy, rainy days kayaking in PWS. This would not be the case with our crossing: ten gorgeous days of high pressure and record high temperatures was almost too much of a good thing. The big mossy forests and blue glacier ice could have been better photographed with some cloud cover or dripping from a good rain. We traded that for the unprecedented treat of swimming every day and late nights with the Midnight sun (our trip was in July).

There’s not much difference between kayak camping and car camping. Our crew of six was not wanting for anything, including fresh salmon caught on our way to camp. Huge thanks to Adventure Appetites for making meals easy and interesting. Also to our beer sponsor Ninkasi Brewing for providing great craft beer for those endless nights at camp. The work has been showing up in Therm-a-Rest’s print, web and social media this spring. We hope it inspires you to get out and to undertake your own crossing if you get the chance.


Matt & Agnes | HagePhoto


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