Alpine Climbing for CAMP USA


It would be easy to wager that alpinist Nate Smith spends more time in the air than most airline pilots. Correspondence with the SLC-based climber always reveals a travel itinerary that borders on insanity. Wrapping up on the east coast, a day back in SLC to repack and then to Peru for two weeks. “Hey let’s get together after….” He has to be in Ouray immediately after that. It’s nothing short of a miracle that we got to meet up with Nate and partner Sarah Morris in the Sierra Nevada. We all got together to enjoy some late season alpine granite and shoot some work for Nate’s sponsor CAMP USA. The 125-year old Italian brand specializes in lightweight, high-quality equipment and apparel for cutting edge climbers. This seems like a good fit for Nate and Sarah, a couple that never really stops moving.

An autumn wind storm cut short our time in the Sierra Nevada and we made a plan to meet up for another session in the Wasatch near Salt Lake City. Nate knows these mountains intimately as a guide and owner of Mountain Education & Development. He took us up a moderate ridge route on Mt Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon, utilizing short roping techniques more popular in the alps of Europe. Our team hunkered down to wait for the sweet light of sunset, which arrived beautifully. But we did have to pay for that shot with the rest of our daylight, finishing to the summit by headlamp. It was good to know on the lengthy descent, in the cold and dark, that we would be getting it done quickly.


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