Editor’s Choice Banners for Backpacker Magazine


Every year the crew at Backpacker Magazine sifts through the latest and greatest outdoor gear and apparel for their Editor’s Choice awards. Each piece is judged on innovation, usefulness and ability to standup to the rigors of it’s intended use. We were stoked to play a part this year, photographing all the final selections at use in the backcountry. It’s quite a process for the staff to determine the final awardees, starting in the spring and ending just before the summer outdoor retailer show in early August. Over this period, we worked with the photo editors to shoot all the gear on a ski trip in British Columbia and a couple outings near our home in Alaska. Even though we weren’t there to see it this summer, it’s a point of pride for the award winners to display the three-foot posters during the industry get together in SLC.


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