Getting Scrambly in the Southwest for La Sportiva


Earlier this year we got together with the Italian footwear specialist La Sportiva for a week-long shoot in the desert southwest. Our mission was to produce high calibre hiking and backpacking work that would stand side-by-side with the brands’ already outstanding climbing photography. This can be a real challenge as climbing and skiing imagery inspire on a whole different level than walking down a trail. We would have to remedy that by getting off the beaten path. The primary focus of the shoot was their new Synthesis Mid GTX Hiking Boot, an award winning shoe that offered up ample support and awesome traction. The brief called for shots on and off trail as well as scrambling. Additionally, we also shot their Trango TRK GTX Hiking Boot in more backpacking situations. We began the shoot in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains on a rugged off trail route that lead to a few key overlooks. From there we traveled up to Sedona and met up with our friend Tiffany. We spent a couple days scrambling around the sandstone towers, pushing the limits of the Synthesis grip on steep sandstone slabs. Finally we wrapped up the shoot with a trail day in Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas. Catching the lighting and sun just how we wanted it at each location was no easy feat. We have a few apps to thank for the ability to digitally predict that.


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