Family Camp Out for High Sierra


This summer we shot a campaign for the outdoor gear and apparel brand High Sierra on our home turf of Southcentral Alaska. The job included many different aspects like backpacking and showcasing a new line of rainwear. It also included photography from a classic family camp out. For this shoot we called upon our ‘model’ family that lives down the road in Girdwood. We’ve been working with the Stahlas for several years on projects in Alaska as well as the western states. The success of a family shoot like this depends on the kids being genuinely into whats going on and parents that know how to keep their children going for a long day in front of the camera. It also helps that the Stahlas know what to expect when working with us.

After scouting locations within a two hour radius of our home in Anchorage, we chose our campground location, complete with a near by hiking trail and creek. We got them started unloading everything and actually setting up the camp, all for the camera. When using non-professional talent, we find that it helps if everybody has something to do. After a session of camp chores and fun down by the creek, we gathered everyone up (even Luke the black lab) for an afternoon day hike. An important thing to keep in mind when working with kids is how quickly they burn through calories. By the time we wrapped up the hike and started back for dinner (sausages over the fire), the kids sprinted back to camp. Oh to be 12 years old again…


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