Across Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains for Outdoor Research


Last fall we put together a crew of stoked individuals for challenging traverse in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains. We’ve done the classic Bomber Traverse a few times and have been adding an experimental beginning to the route each time. Experimental as in ‘this may go or it may not’. The five-day route connects a unique series of alpine huts from Archangel Valley to the small town of Eska. Last year, we encountered the full gamut of Alaska weather from freezing rain and snow to hot sunny days on bare ice glaciers. There was even a spot of swimming on the trip.

The work was to produce photography for apparel brand Outdoor Research, showcasing their latest line of rainwear and technical layers. We also shot some fresh imagery for Black Diamond, which supplied backpacks, trekking poles and headlamps. A trip-shoot like this provides a wide variety of opportunities for photography. Both action and lifestyle. Some planned and some not. This mix is exactly what our clients have come to expect from us on these kind of projects. This set of pictures is exemplary of just that.

Cheers | Matt & Agnes Hage


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