Shooting Singletrack in Cactus Country


It’s good to be back in the sun-soaked Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. Over the years, the Grand Canyon state has become a go-to destination for producing mountain bike photo and video work. From our meager beginnings 10 years ago building our portfolio, to just a couple months ago working with a talented pro rider, Southern Arizona always seems to deliver. Maybe it’s the visually appealing stature of the saguaro. Or how the sunset light filters through a patch of cholla. Add in someone on a bike kicking up a bit of desert dust and you have a scene that’s fun to work with.

We’ll close with a couple pro tips for working the cactus country. First, roll with tubeless tires. Second, watch where you squat to get just the right angle. Third, carry tweezers and a fine tooth comb.

Cheers | Matt & Agnes Hage

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