Endless Summer in So Cal for La Sportiva


It’s not uncommon when working for top outdoor brands to be shooting out of season. Production schedules must line up with availability of prototypes and lead time to get assets into pre-season advertising. Such was the case on a campaign we shot for Italian footwear brand La Sportiva this winter. They needed fresh work showcasing a new line of trekking boots and trail runners that would be hitting the shelves after the new year. Since the prototypes weren’t available until December, we setup to shoot in locations around sunny Southern California. Producing the trail running sets in Joshua Tree National Park was a no brainer: wonderful trails through a granite wonderland with dependable lighting. Finding trail locations for the hiking segment was more of a challenge, especially with the preference for a stream crossing to show off the boot’s Gore-Tex waterproof protection. After extensive scouting, we decided on a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail that fit most of our requirements. Of course the section that really worked for us borders the top of a local ski area in the San Gabriel Mountains. Skiers got a kick watching our small photo shoot just across the rope line marking the area boundary. Though we were just as surprised to find a ski area overlooking the sunny haze of Los Angeles, it made more sense when a winter storm dumped three-feet of snow on that location the day after we wrapped our shoot. Sometimes it’s a tight margin to get a session of summer in the middle of winter.

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