Keeping it Local for Gregory Packs


Every summer we shoot a campaign for Gregory Mountain Products to showcase their latest pack line. Last year it the focus was on a new version of their popular Stout and Amber packs. The brief was a mix of the packs at use in a variety of scenarios and product shots done out in the field. Since last July was a uniquely special time for us, we had just become new parents about a month prior, we negotiated to produce the work close to our home in Anchorage, Alaska.

There are specific challenges when setting up a commercial photo shoot in Southcentral Alaska for July. Namely the fact that nice light doesn’t start until eleven o’clock at night. But we were able to tap into our network of friend to help out with watching our little one and working as talent for the shoot. Brooke and Brady pulled a late night with us in the Chugach Front Range. Then we got Brad and Emma out for an overnighter in the Talkeetna Mountains. When not hauling a pack in front of the camera, Agnes brought Dusty along on these shoots. With wide eyes, he got his first look at the family business.

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