Prince William Sound Kayak Adventure for Stio


Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stio is a small apparel company that has been kicking out some of the highest quality outdoor clothing in the industry. They’re brand is all about getting after it in the mountains and having a good time while doing it. So what we’re we doing shooting for them in the big ocean waters of Alaska’s Prince William Sound?

Well if you look up from that pod of orcas breaching off the bow of your kayak, you’ll see the mighty Chugach Mountains soaring thousands of feet above. Our week-long kayaking adventure definitely was something new for this client, but included the core message of their brand: friends enjoying one helluva an adventure in a wild place. It was also a good opportunity to shoot their insulating layers in front of a glacier as well.

Over the course of a week, our team of six paddled sea kayaks from the port town of Whittier 100 miles to the harbor of Valdez. The vibe of this oddessy was like a ocean-going road trip complete with posh camping, swimming beaches and cocktail hour. Stio used the work in their catalog, online sites and social media platforms. Check them out if your looking for outdoor apparel with an awesome fit and durable construction.

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