Oregon Singletrack for Platypus Hydration


Awhile back, our friends at Platypus Hydration sent us out with prototype versions of their new packs for mountain biking. To produce the work, we outlined a week-long tour of Oregon singletrack: Oak Ridge, McKenzie River, Bend. We recruited some friends along the way to help make the pictures and showcase the men’s packs. We quickly realized a couple challenges shooting the dense timber of these forested trail networks. Balancing the nice, low angle light early and late in the day meant constant use of graduated ND filters to balance out highlights up high and shadows down low. There was also the constant lack of light deep in these woods. We relied on the high ISO performance of Nikon’s D4 camera to capture the riding action in low light. After we wrapped up the week, the trails and fall conditions were so good we stuck around for another one just to keep on riding. Only this time without a 35-pound camera pack (aka Matt’s training weight).

Check out some of our work on the Platypus Hydration site and social media.

Cheers! Matt & Agnes // HagePhoto

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