Backpacking in the Uinta Mountains for Utah Tourism


Backpacking with a full Nikon kit, including two cameras and eight lenses? Can do. Hanging out on top of an 11,000 foot mountain waiting for that sweet light? No problem. Enduring a week of four-percent beer? Well, if we have to. We wrapped up the summer with a commercial shoot for the Utah Office of Tourism in the spectacular Uinta Mountains. The brief included backpacking, camping and fly fishing around the high alpine lakes of this rugged mountain range.

As part of a team of six, we worked in conjunction with a video team to make the pictures happen. The team collaborated on locations and timing of the shots so everyone got what they needed. Our photography will be used online and in collateral and advertising campaigns. The video will be featured online as part of a series featuring Utah locals.

The biggest logistical challenge for the team was power; the video crew’s cameras need a lot of battery power. A decision was made to employ a runner to hike in with fresh batteries, take out the depleted ones, charge them and rerun the cycle the next day. It was nice to see how quickly the crew realized that the runner had a lot of extra room in his pack and this would be best filled with a 12-pack of IPA. Now that’s what we call teamwork.

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