Thrashing up Mt Wilson for Black Diamond


The massive vertical wall of Mt Wilson’s east face stands as the crowl jewel of Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s 7,000-foot summit stands as the highest point along The Escarpment; the uplifted range of peaks that makes up Red Rocks. Even if you forego the technical ascents of the ‘Wilson Cliffs’, reaching this high point is not simple or straight forward. Now having done three ‘hikes’ up the peak, each one followed a different route (which was not intended btw).

Last fall we coaxed our friends Brad and Heather down from Alaska to join us for some fun in the Nevada desert sun. What we really meant by fun was spending a full day scrambling and thrashing our way to the top of Mt Wilson. Of course they knew what they were signing up for and were actually looking forward to it. Posted up at the Red Rock campground, we got the coffee brewing hours before sunrise and started up First Creek at dawn. It’s about 10-miles of off-trail travel and 3,400-feet of climbing to reach this summit. We all understood that we’d be hiking out by headlamp.

During the day we shot some fresh imagery for client Black Diamond, showcasing their new line of technical day packs. Working on the shot list meant adding hours to an already long day. Good thing Heather and Brad are they duo behind Heather’s Choice, a brand of healthy backcountry snacks and meals. We packed a stove and enjoyed a hot meal on a sandstone ledge after sundown. It’s amazing what that did for the two-hour ‘bouldering in the dark’ back out to the truck. The work will appear this spring on Black Diamond’s social media channels and marketing efforts.

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