Hiking Utah’s Canyon Country


Earlier this summer we had the good fortune to produce some hiking and backpacking work in Utah’s canyon country. From the outskirts of Zion, to the soaring cliffs of Cedar Breaks and into the canyons of Bryce and Grand Staircase, we covered a lot of ground. We were thrilled that it looked like a couple hikes that we’ve been wanting to do would make the cut this time around. It was nice to wade through shin deep Kanarra Creek while exploring that canyon on a really hot day. And touring the spectacular rock formations that make up the Fairyland Loop in Bryce Canyon was like no place else we’d ever seen. We spend a lot of time exploring the deserts, canyons and mountains of Utah, yet it continues to blow us away with every visit. Now if they ever made it so you could get a decent draft beer, we may never leave.

Cheers | Matt, Agnes & Dusty

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