Singletrack Sessions in Flagstaff


Earlier this summer we had the opportunity to spend some QT in Flagstaff, a favorite place for us in Northern Arizona. While in the neighborhood, we reached out to the local mountain bike community and put together two different shoots. First we got together with local pro rider Alex Pavon (Juliana) and visiting pro rider Rachel Strait (GT) from San Diego. They were getting ready to kick off the Big Mountain Enduro series in Santa Fe and agreed to meet up for a photo ride. We shuttled some flowing singletrack coming down off the San Francisco Peaks, stopping for opportunistic shots when we saw them. With no set agenda, I focused on capturing two very talented riders just out for a fun ride together before soon competing against one another.

Next up was a more commercial endeavor where we hired a couple talented local riders to help out with a shoot for Stio, an apparel brand based in Jackson, WY. Both Erin Osborne and Collin Wright have served behind the bench at Flagstaff Bike Revolution. And both can absolutely shred on the local singletrack. I had scouted some locations for lighting that needed to get worked in, but followed the lead of the two locals on good looking sections of trail. The best is when those two factors meet up and you get spectacular lighting on a great section of trail. That’s what happened for the final shot of the day high above Flag. It just makes the whole team feel good when you put in a full day’s work and know everyone nailed it.

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